The bells are ringing; The most influential engagement rings of our time

I got engaged! Yay! To celebrate I have compiled a collection of the most influential celebrity engagement rings of our time. Prepare to drool.


Hip Hop super couple, Byonce and Jay-Z, marked their engagement with a wapping 20 carat total weight of diamonds and featuring an 18 carat colorless diamond as the focal point. This ring valued at $5 million USD. Trust musics first billion dollar couple to go the full 9 yards.

Beyoncé-Engagement-Ring-Jay-Z-Captures-Her-Heart-with-an-18-Carat-Diamond Liz Taylor was no stranger to bling but it was from Richard Burton she received  the Harry Winston Krupp Diamond engagement ring. The Krupp diamonds is a huge 33.19-carat asscher-cut diamond and is considered one of the most perfect diamonds on earth. It was recently renamed as The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond. Seems fitting…


Princess Dianna and Prince Charles popularized sapphires in the 80′s and 90′s with their $50,000 oval blue sapphire royal engagement ring fringed with white diamonds. The ring has stayed a family hare loom and was given to Princes Kate by Diana and Charles’ eldest son, Prince William. Needless to say, sapphires have made a huge comeback.


Audrey Hepburn has always been seen as a style icon but it was her, fiancé Mel Ferrer, who came up with the idea of stackable rings popular with women today. In 1954 he presented her with two wedding bands, one in rose gold and one in white gold, so Audrey could swap them out for different outfits. This quirky but thoughtful gesture has inspired many of todays iconic ring styles.


Jackie Kenedy Onasis was adored by men the world over. President Kenedy spoiled his bride to be rotten with a 2.88 carat clear diamond sitting aside a tapered baguette emerald decorated with numerous smaller white diamonds. Priced at $1.5 million USD and making the emerald every glamor girls must have for decades after.


Angelina Jolie, after a decade of being ‘the other woman’,  recieved a stunner of a ring designed by Brad Pitt himself with the help of Robert Procop. The cost was $250,000 but valued at 1 million USD thanks to the stir it caused. Each gem is of the highest quality and cut to specifically fit Jolie’s finger.


Carrie and Mr. Biggs ring. Yeah, they are fictional, but god this is a good ring! This big screen/little screen couple popularized black diamond engagement rings with their 5 carat black diamond by designer Itay Malkin. Set in 18k white gold with 80 pave diamonds this ring is fashion perfection. Mr. Bigg gives Carrie this stunner at the end of the first film. Why black? “Because you are not like anyone else” but thanks to the styles popularity, there are now a lot of people just like Carrie.



Hats off to the gentlemen whose good taste has cemented their brides into the pages of fashion.

Kristy Charleson.


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  2. Lovely engagement rings, obviously these rings are made to make this memorable event more pleasant for couple, and diamonds are special gift from nature to women.

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